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Kāvya in South India. Old Tamil Caṅkam Poetry. Delhi: Manohar 2017

Reprint of 2001 edition, with a new preface:

Kavya in South India 2nd ed..png






Review article

“Myth versus concocted empiricist histories. David Shulman’s reconstruction of the history of Tamil Cankam Poetry”.

New version d.d. 28-11-2016 pdf

Paper read at the 2nd European Tamil Conference held in Paris on 17-18 September 2016




Trying to Make sense of the Apparent Absence of a Clearly Marked Arrangement of the Epigrams in the Decades of the Tirukkuṟal̥ pdf.

Just out

Between Colombo and the Cape. Letters in Tamil, Dutch and Sinhala, Sent to Nicolaas Ondaatje from Ceylon, Exile at the Cape of Good Hope (1728-1737). Dutch Sources on South Asia c. 1600-1825. Delhi: Manohar 2015.

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The Ondaatje Letters 1728-1737


“Letters dealing with the slave trade from Ceylon: The Ondaatje correspondence, 1728 to 1737”. Quarterly Bulletin of the National Library of South Africa, Vol. 67, no. 3 (July to September 2013), pp. 113-122 and 125. For a pdf, see QB.

ondaatje blog

Cape Town lecture on the Ondaatje Letters

Folder with the Ondaatje letters

Lecture held in Cape Town on Wednesday 24 April 2013, 12.30-13.30:

“Between Colombo and Cape Town: The Tamil Ondaatje letters 1728-1737”

Venue: Western Cape Archives and Records Service, 72 Roeland Street, Cape Town (South Africa)


Just out

Herman Tieken, “De onverenigbaarheid van seks en werk. Klassieke erotische dichtkunst in India”. In: Begeerte & Macht. Over Lust in de literatuur. Armada 69. 18/Winter 2012. 102-112.

Armada 69